Football Fandom


Football Fandom explores the disparity between male and female football fans. The typeface has three variabants based on statistics taken from three London based clubs: Chelsea, Fulham and Arsenal. The reverse stress typeface highlights the disparity by using horizontal lines to represent the make fans, and vertical lines to represent the female fans. The type specimen allows the full typeface to be seen in relation to its role at a football match.

Football Banners


The typeface Football Fandom has been applied to a series of football banners in attempt to dismantle sexist discrimination within football fandom.

Mare Liberum


This is a publication which explores the use of type as texture to visually represent the tide. The typography has been distorted through varying amounts of water with saturation and legibility changing throughout to represent the varying levels of the tide. It has been shrink wrapped in order to allow the entirety of the text to be read. The publication is loose bound and has no cover as the tide itself has no start or finish.

Bank Ties


Everyone knows the theory behind dressing for success, but what if you dressed in your success. Using the successes of three investment banks, Citigroup, JP Morgan and Goldman Sachs, corporate ties have been generated for each using the annual graph report to influence the shape and the average stock price for the pattern. This allows comparison between the banks in the dress code of their employees.

A Slow World


We speculated that in the future the speed of living will divide the nation; the fast and the slow. This is a wayfinding system for those who prefer a slower way of living, using the sense of touch to guide people. Paving slabs have 3D markings on them that are made to feel like the individual letterforms as you walk over them. A type specimen allows for the wayfinding to be understood as a typeface.



Visualising how much space you have on the central line every hour. A newspaper documents commuters journeys through the crushing of newprint whilst printing their conversations